The Calchona

La calchona

The Calchona – Chilean Legend

Once upon a time there was a happy family that lived in the Chilean Mountains. The mother was devoted to weaving, cooking and taking care of their two beautiful children while the father worked very hard in the field.

They appeared to be a normal country side family however, they did not know that the woman, the mother, was a witch. She kept several jars with creams and potions at home that, when applied on her body, enabled her to become a certain animal she chose.

Every night she sedated her husband and kids, covered herself with ointments, turned into an animal and went for a walk through the fields. Every morning before her family woke up she returned and applied some more cream regaining her human form. Her family never suspected anything weird.

Time passed and one day she forgot to sedate her children so they woke up in the middle of the night and saw her covering herself with funny ointments and becoming a sheep. When she was gone the kids took some of the creams and covered themselves as well, turning into foxes and headed outside to play.

When the kids got tired of playing around and returned to their home they didn’t know how to turn back into humans so they started to cry. Their bawl woke up their father. He was a wise man and immediately figured it all out. He turned his children back into humans and took them far away from their mother but not before throwing away every cream jar he could find.

When the mother returned home she realized her kids where gone and so where her creams. She tried and scratched the last drop of a leftover jar she found on the floor but that was only enough to turn her face back into human form. The rest of her body was forever turned into a black sheep.

Now when farmers hear a sheep bleating at night they know it is The Calchona and leave a plate of food for her since they know she is completely harmless and very sorry for committing the acts of witchcraft that led to the loss of her family.

Chilean Countryside



La Pincoya: The mermaid of abundance

This legend was originated at the Greater Island of Chiloé, off the Chilean coast, in the Pacific Ocean. During rainy winter nights, its inhabitants carry out an age-old tradition by sitting around a fireplace and telling children and/or foreign visitors about the different beliefs that gives this magic island its own special identity, and this is one of its most popular fisherman’s tale.

Rumors has it that this unique place was home to La Pincoya, a young and very beautiful mermaid with human characteristics and a long blond hair, daughter of the king of the sea.


According to this legend, when a fisherman witnesses La Pincoya dance, it’s a sign of abundance. She is responsible for patrolling the beaches and protecting the ocean, and her task is to fertilize the fish and shellfish beneath the water.

What is different about it though is that the amount of fish and seafood in the ocean depends on where La Pincoya faces while she dances. If facing the sea, then the people of Chiloé can rest assured that there will have an abundant harvest, but if she dances looking towards shore the fishes go away.

Another interesting factor about La Pincoya is that she likes to see people happy and cheerful,  so if she sees the fisherman’s having a good time it’s more likely that she will dance facing the sea.

So, next time you go fishing, we highly recommend that you go with friends rather than alone, and enjoy as much as you can, so you will have higher chances of catching something 🙂



The Ananuca

ananuca chile 1

Ananuca – Chilean Legend

Chile has beautiful landscapes and natural environments. Its diverse climate allows for many different species to grow and embellish the land. The Ananuca is a Chilean typical flower that grows between the town of Copiapó and the Quilimarí valley in the Coquimbo region. It is well known that the Ananuca flower is one of the most beautiful of the city but not many know its origins.

Legend says that long long time ago, before Chile’s independence there was an Indian girl named Ananuca. She was the most beautiful girl of the region and every man in town wanted to marry her but the girl was expecting for someone awesome, someone she truly loved.

One day a handsome young miner looking for a long lost mine was passing by and met Ananuca. The sparkle was there. They knew they were meant to be together and fell in love instantly.

The boy decided to drop his miner plans and stay in Coquimbo with his one true love. They were very happy together and made lots of plans for the future.

One night the miner had a dream. A mountain elf visited him while sleeping and told him the exact location of the mine he was looking for. The miner, excited about this new information woke up and left immediately looking for the mine.

Ananuca waited and waited for him. Day after day she hoped for him to come back but he never did. Some assume he died in the desert or got attacked on his way back. The girl couldn’t bear to live without him and without knowing what happened to him. After a long time waiting she died of sorrow.

The villagers buried her up the hill on a rainy day and on the next morning after sunrise that same hill was covered with beautiful red flowers that now are named after the most beautiful woman that town ever saw.

ananuca flower chile

Ananuca flower – Chile



Juan Soldado and the disappearance of Serena City

serena Chile

La Serena, Chile

Chile is a South American country filled with beautiful geography and warm people. You can enjoy their peaceful cities, go skiing to the beautiful Chilean mountains or relax in one its beaches.

“Ciudad Serena” is the second most ancient city in the country. Founded in 1544 it has amazing history behind it. Its beautiful architecture and ancient churches combined with amazing beaches makes the city one of Chile’s most popular touristic destinations.

Serena city has changed and grown a lot over the years and people say it was way prettier before. According to many historians the city was attacked several times and was the host of multiple battles between Pirates, Spaniards and Natives. But no story is most known than the one of Juan Soldado (Juan the soldier).

Legend says that once upon a time there was a handsome young man that lived outside Serena city. He and the richest Cacique’s daughter fell in love and wanted to be together forever but there was a problem. Juan was a brave and charming soldier but a very poor one also and the Cacique will never allow his daughter to marry such an un-wealthy man.

The two lovers decided to disobey the girl’s father and escape to the closest city to get married in secret in the town church. The Cacique soon found out and with his best soldiers rode towards Serena city to stop the wedding and kill them both as punishment for their treason. He would also destroy the city as an example for anyone who might think of betraying him ever again.

The two lovers where in the ceremony and as the priest was saying the last words the father of the bride arrived to the city. No one knows exactly how but in that exact moment the city vanished and with it every single person that lived there, including the two young lovers.

The Cacique and his soldiers went around the entire area. Hiking mountains, riding a cross the shore lines and around the dessert but the city was nowhere to be found.

Some say that on Saturdays if you walk close enough to the place where the town used to be you might be able to listen to the wedding party celebrating the groom and bride and their eternal love. And once a year on Holy Friday, if you pay close attention you might even see the city on a distance but if you try to come closer it will just vanish right in front of your eyes.

lighthouse la serena chile

Lighthouse – La Serena, Chile