“Bumba my Ox”- a Brazilian folk dance

Mixing up things a little bit! Today we are going to talk about the folk dance of “Bumba my Ox”, which is one of the outstanding cultural traits in Brazilian culture, especially in the Northeast of the country.

The dance appeared in the eighteenth century as a form of critic to the social situation of blacks and Indians. The “Bumba my Ox” combines several elements, such as comedy, drama, tragedy and satire to demonstrate the fragility of man and the brute strength of an ox.

Legend says that once there was a very rich farmer who owned a beautiful ox. In his farm, lived Father Chico and Catirina, his pregnant wife. One day, due to her pregnancy cravings she told her husband that she really wanted to eat a ox tong, and afraid to lose his son, the man decides to steal the ox from his boss to meet the desire of his wife.

Captura de Tela 2016-05-03 às 01.30.12

According to one of the many versions of the legend,  Father Chico then kills his boss preferred steer, but felling regretful about it, he seeks a shaman to resurrect the ox.

When the ox is reborn, everything turns into a big party, and everyone celebrates the ox health with a great feast.

The interesting part of the story is that it remains a strong cultural expression in Brazil and every year thousands of people celebrate the legend dancing around the characters. During the dance the ox is killed, just then being resurrected by a tug on the tail and back to dance! Are you curious to see hoe does it look like? Check out this  video and let us now how you fell about it!






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