Juan Soldado and the disappearance of Serena City

serena Chile

La Serena, Chile

Chile is a South American country filled with beautiful geography and warm people. You can enjoy their peaceful cities, go skiing to the beautiful Chilean mountains or relax in one its beaches.

“Ciudad Serena” is the second most ancient city in the country. Founded in 1544 it has amazing history behind it. Its beautiful architecture and ancient churches combined with amazing beaches makes the city one of Chile’s most popular touristic destinations.

Serena city has changed and grown a lot over the years and people say it was way prettier before. According to many historians the city was attacked several times and was the host of multiple battles between Pirates, Spaniards and Natives. But no story is most known than the one of Juan Soldado (Juan the soldier).

Legend says that once upon a time there was a handsome young man that lived outside Serena city. He and the richest Cacique’s daughter fell in love and wanted to be together forever but there was a problem. Juan was a brave and charming soldier but a very poor one also and the Cacique will never allow his daughter to marry such an un-wealthy man.

The two lovers decided to disobey the girl’s father and escape to the closest city to get married in secret in the town church. The Cacique soon found out and with his best soldiers rode towards Serena city to stop the wedding and kill them both as punishment for their treason. He would also destroy the city as an example for anyone who might think of betraying him ever again.

The two lovers where in the ceremony and as the priest was saying the last words the father of the bride arrived to the city. No one knows exactly how but in that exact moment the city vanished and with it every single person that lived there, including the two young lovers.

The Cacique and his soldiers went around the entire area. Hiking mountains, riding a cross the shore lines and around the dessert but the city was nowhere to be found.

Some say that on Saturdays if you walk close enough to the place where the town used to be you might be able to listen to the wedding party celebrating the groom and bride and their eternal love. And once a year on Holy Friday, if you pay close attention you might even see the city on a distance but if you try to come closer it will just vanish right in front of your eyes.

lighthouse la serena chile

Lighthouse – La Serena, Chile



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