The Sunflower Legend



The Sunflower legend

The Sunflower or “Helianthus” name in greek after Hēlios which means “sun” and Anthos which means “flower”, is consider a genius plant with more than 70 species. Recognized around the world because for its beauty, is also an important source of food. Its oil and seeds are valued as healthy nutritious and ingredient of many foods.

The Argentinian legend about the Sunflower

The legend says that closed to the Paraná River in Argentina, two main tribes were located. One of them was closest to the river. His Cacique was called Pirayú. Nearby was another tribe and Mandió as his Cacique. Pirayú and Mandió were very closed friends. Both tribes were very close exchanging constantly handcrafts and food.

Parana River

Paraná River

Carandaí daughter of Pirayú was a quiet beautiful girl. She spent most of her time looking after the sun.  On cloudy days, she gots sad and mad. Meanwhile, on sunny days, she was the happiest and shinning girl in her whole tribe.

The sunflower legend 3

The Sunflower legend

One day, Mandió woke up with the great idea of joining both tribes reason why, he asked Pirayú to marry his daughter. Pirayú uncomfortable with his friend petition, angrily said No, explaining that his daughter, Carandaí, offered her life to the God “Sun”. Mandió upset with Pirayú’s reply, promised revenge.

One day, Carandaí was in her canoe looking to the sunset, when she saw fire coming from her tribe houses. She swam as fast as she could. Once she got there, she tried to land, but she couldn’t. Some external power didn’t allow her to leave her canoe. Mandió with angry voice, started to scream at her “You’ll have to ask your god to save you from my revenge” …them laugh.

Sunflower legend sunset

The Sunflower legend

Carandaí started to pray and beg “Cuarahjí”, the God of sun: “please, please my god, don’t let Mandaio to end with me and my town, please Cuarahjí, please my god”. She didn’t finish her prayers when Cuarahjí sent over her some storm rays that surround her and suddenly made her disappeared.

On the same place where Carandaí was praying and then disappeared, a plant started to growth. It had a huge green stem and a bright golden yellow flower, that as the princess of the tribe, keep her face upon the sky, always following the sun course, giving birth to the Sunflower.

Sunflowerlegend canoe

The Sunflower Legend



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