Saci Pererê – The naughty boy

Oh, magical things really happen in Brazil, and this legend is so cool that it deserves to be shared here.

The Saci-Pererê legend originated in the indigenous tribes in southern Brazil and its about a dark colored indian boy, with just one leg that wears a red cap and is always with a pipe in his month (curious right? Oh, the old days..)

It’s said that he comes from the midst of a whirlwind and his appearance is attributed whenever things go wrong! He is constantly blamed for the burning of food pans, for drying water from vessels, and is held responsible for missing objects that are unlikely to be found again. Saci Pererê may also appear and disappear mysteriously, is very restless, and is always jumping from one place to another whistling.

His most characteristic behavior is his naughtiness, and as for so, he is very playful, likes to have fun with the animals  and to create embarrassing situations for people.  Legend has that he is not just a playful or an evil spirit, but also an expert connoisseur of medicinal properties like herbs and forest roots. If someone needs to go into the woods and pick up something, therefore, they better ask for permission from Saci, as entering without permission will inevitably lead them to fall into his traps.

According to legend, to capture a  Saci in whirlwinds you have to  throw a sieve on swirls. After the capture you must remove his cap to ensure obedience and secure it in a bottle.

It’s also said that the Sacis are born from bamboo shoots, where they live for seven years, being released for seventy-seven years, to be free to do their amazing tricks. After they die, some say that they become poisonous mushrooms, so you better watch out!

Gabriela Sacilotto



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