Jací and Guarací – The Amazon’s river Legend

The Amazon river or “Rio Amazonas” is located in South America. It is the largest river in the world and second in length, with approximately 6,400 km (4.000 miles). The Amazon river crosses 7 countries of South America, Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.  It also home of around 3,000 known species, some of them, very dangerous like the piranha and the anaconda.

Amazon river

Here is what the legend says how it was born.

The Legend says that long time ago when the world was being created, The Sun “Guarací” and the Moon “Jací”, were touched by cupid and fall in love. Unfortunately, the could only see each other just a couple of hours in the morning and in the afternoons which make them extremely sad.


Guarací waited all day to see Jali, however, every time she arrived he had to leave. One day, where they can see each other for a couple of hours, Guaraci proposed Jaci to marry her and be together forever, Jací excited, said yes! Nevertheless, they both knew that their marriage was impossible because, days and nights don’t last forever. Jací extremely sad said “goodbye forever” to Guaraci and hide inside the Amazonian trees. Since then, they never saw each other again. Jací cried unstoppable for a long time. Her tears flooded all over jungle and forests until they reached into the Atlantic Sea, giving birth to the Amazona’s River.




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