Xuxa – The Urban Tale of a Brazilian Celebrity

In a Brazilian city, called Sorocaba, a rumor started to spread regarding a mother that made a pact with the Devil so that she could afford to buy her daughter a Xuxa doll.

If you are not from Brazil, you might wonder who Xuxa is, so basically, she is one of the biggest celebrities in Brazilian TV history. She hosted the most popular children’s  show that pretty much dominated Brazil in the late 1980s through the 90s, which landed her CD’s deals, movies roles and a lot of publicity. She was such a big success that even CBS gave her an English language show in 1994 trying to serve the South American/American market.

Xuxa Meneghel

Latinfolktales Xuxa

Anyway, according to this urban legend, the following day, after the child had slept with her new toy, she inexplicably woke up all scratched and the doll’s plastic nails were stained with blood. Some people even say that the child died due to the injuries.

After the incident, the doll was chained in the sacred museum of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Bridge. The news spread quickly and a crowd went to church on November 9, 1989 to find the author of aggression. The church pastor at that time had to close the doors to minimize the turmoil and sought the press and the police to warn that everything was just a rumor.

This occurred over 25 years ago and is still remembered as one of the most famous Brazilian urban legends and it was responsible for traumatizing countless Brazilian kids.

Xuxa Doll

Latinfolktales Xuxa

In the years that followed, new rumors started to spread around alleging that Xuxa had made a pact with the Devil herself in order to get famous. Some people still believe that if you listen to certain Xuxa LP tracks backwards messages to the devil can be heard.

How do you fell about this? Would you sleep next to a Xuxa doll?



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