The Whistler

El Silbon

The Whistler is a legend from a region in Colombia called “The Llanos”. This region is also known by the name of “Llanos  Orientales” which   is located in the Eastern part of Colombia bordering Venezuela.

The story goes that a wicked young man killed his father in an angry rage when he did not bring home the deer heart he was craving.  The family suspected that this was an evil act, so the brother very angry punished the evil man by whipping him and throwing hot pepper on the wounds. He also sent an angry dog after him to continue his punishment. Therefore, after that the creepy six-meter tall men called “El Silbon”, haunts the llanos at night carrying a large bag of bones said to be his father’s.

Los Llanos

Llanos Orientales

The funny part or let’s say better that the scary part of the legend is that when you are in the llanos at night and you hear someone which sounds distant with a whistler, the first thing that comes to your mind is “El Silbon”.  Which is fascinating is that most sightings of El Silbón are by drunk men stumbling around at night…coincidence or not believe me that many natives and visitors that know the legend freak-out when they hear the sound of a whistle in the middle of the night at the “Llanos”.








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