The One Legged Woman

La Patasola

We could not wait for the early evenings during our summer vacations to listen to grandparents and uncles that sat outside by the benches to entertain us with the most interesting folktales that you have ever heard.  My uncle Mayo used to scare us talking about “The One Legged Woman” (La Patasola).

The stories say that she called out to a passing man, asking him for his help. She appears to be an extremely beautiful woman, but she has a single leg. She has that black widow appearance looking for a mate that she can seduce. Once he becomes delighted by her beauty, and follows her deeper into the forest, she begins to change. Her teeth become sharper and longer and her eyes look like a tiger. The poor man is already in love and becomes the helpless victim of the vampire. La Patasola, drinks his blood and eats his flesh.

La Patasola 3

As creepy as it sounds, there is a tradition among Latins to spend time-sharing these folk tales with their children and friends. There are different versions of the “Patasola” the most popular is that she plays the part of the unfaithful wife and her husband murdered after discovering her infidelity. After dying her soul became trapped in, a one-legged body that now wonders the Colombian’s mountains, looking for her victims!



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