The Legend of the Pink Dolphin

The Amazon gave birth to many great stories and legends, one being the one of the Pink Dolphin, this beautiful creature really exists and lives inside the waters of the Amazon river, they live in pairs or family groups and can be as big as 3 meters long weighing up to 125 kilograms.

pink dolphin folktales

Legend says that once upon a time there was a young Indian warrior who was very handsome and was loved by everyone. The Indian Gods were extremely jealous so in a vicious moment of envy they turned the young warrior into a Pink dolphin, bounding him to sail the Amazon waters for eternity away from the people who cherished him and who he cherished.

Every once in a while, in the villages by the Amazon River, a young handsome man appears wearing a hat made out of straw. He attends the villages’ parties where women can’t resist his charm and dancing skills. Every time this man appears he picks one of the girls and seduces her into going with him. The next morning this girl wakes up with no memory of what happened and, most shockingly, pregnant with the stranger’s baby.

It is a common belief among the villagers that this man who mysteriously appears and disappears after impregnating young girls is the warrior who was turned into a pink dolphin who for a night at time is able to defeat the gods and come out to flirt and have fun among the people. He wears the hat to disguise his breathing hole, the only attribute that might give him away.

Villagers attribute many of the single moms kids from the villages to this pink Dolphin and villagers tell their girls to be careful about strangers wearing hats and to basically stay away from the river at night.

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