La Llorona

He started talking with a soft but deep voice, all the attention immediately goes to him. We all know it is time for one of his great stories. Grandpa knows we love to hear them before going to bed.

This gorgeous woman, wears a long white dress, full of holes, mud and blood. Her eyes are red, her hair is unkempt and messy. She hides something among her arms, it looks like a rabbit, but no, it isn’t, is her new born child…



Latin Folktales – La Llorona

At this point of the night my cousins and I are paying close attention to the story… the surroundings of the farm are very quiet…

She… she screams and cries all night… those screams of guiltiness and repent for killing her child… Her movements are slow and strong, you can feel her dark energy coming… She loves to be around lonely places, lonely towns, lonely farms, always looking for men that aren’t behaving… all those cheaters, drinkers, gamblers, have to fear her, because she is looking for them, to hold her child…but they don’t know what comes next…

Our surroundings aren’t quiet anymore… the land started to make noises, all of us hold our hands together. Grandpa turns his voice deeper and makes that scary face that freaks us out…

Once the man receives the child, she passes her guilt and punishment… poor him…He will become a weepy for the rest of his life…

At this point of the story, we are all scared…Aunt Clara comes to us saying: “Dad, don’t scare the kids…Guys, get ready for bed”. None of us want to go until grandpa ends his story…

Her spirit surrounds every town and lonely place after 8pm. That is her punishment for the rest of her live after killing her child… “Go without any God and Mary, looking for all those men who are misbehaving”.

Latinfolktales La Llorona.                                   Source:


A heavy noise comes from the kitchen… we all scream and close our eyes, Grandpa mentions… “It is La Llorona” then he laughs… “Come on guys! It is probably just an animal looking for food!” he assures us.

This folk tale has been transmitted from generation to generation among different Latin American cultures. In Colombia, grandpa used to tell it to us before going to bed. For those of us, that were naughty and didn’t want to go to bed and obey our parent “La llorona” was enough reason to jump into bed even before time. Anything to avoid any chance of meeting this scary character.

Isn’t it kind of funny that this tale still scares me? I have to confess that after writing it, the memory of those days came back to my mind… Alone, in my NY apartment, I feel as afraid of “La Llorona” I used to feel in those windy summer nights with grandpa, I think, it is time to go to bed.



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