Curupira – The Forest Guardian

This tale, popular mainly in the interior of Brazil,  tells the story of a smart and strong ginger boy who lives in the Brazilian forests. He has his feet turned backwards and protects the plants, animals and trees against hunters, woodcutters and anyone who threats to destroy the nature, by emitting sounds and sharp whistles.


Latinfolktales Curupira

His backwards feet are responsible for creating illusory images, leaving false trails that scares and confuses those who try to destroy the forrest. Besides that, he loves to rest in the shadows of the hoses and is very fast, making it practically impossible for a human being to catch him.

In some cases, the Curupira can take small children to live with him in the forests, returning them to their parents after 7 years with a huge passion for the nature.

His presence is reported from the early days of colonization. Some storytellers say that Curupira loves to play tricks on those who enter the forests, and for this reason many countryside inhabitants believe that when someone disappears in the forests its Curupira’s fault. To please him, the Indians used to left offerings in the clearings, such as pens, mats and blankets.



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